Towards Tomorrow – Origins

Ayura could never have imagined the grim consequences that one single encounter was capable of unleashing. One look into Adam’s blue eyes was enough to unsettle her world and carry her into a distant past which was once filled with doubts, joy, and great sorrow.

Why, so long afterward, did fate seem to remember her existence and so cruelly play with her? Had she not suffered enough? Did she not suffer enough within the immensity of eternity?

She never thought she would find herself in such a situation. Never.


Adam cannot get Ayura out of his head. One glance was enough, and soon he was fascinated by the beautiful brunette he had spotted entering his favorite restaurant on a random Saturday night. Intrigued by the easiness with which he got caught under her spell, he decides to move Heaven and Earth in exchange for a chance to know her.
Never has a woman exercised such control over him. Never.




I stop, already a few steps away from the building’s entrance, and lift my face towards him, towards the sun. My eyes are closed as I enjoy his heat and inspire some of his freshness. I like to try to establish truces whenever I get the opportunity to, even if he likes to play the part of the difficult one; unreachable. It is a pity, though, that I cannot enjoy, what?, more than a few seconds of inner peace since something hits me and throws me on the cold and hard ground.

Ouch. It hurt.

The world seems convinced to ruin my good mood today and whenever it considers possible…

“Aw!” I protest.

“Wow! I’m sorry! I’m so sorry, miss. Here, let me help you.”

A man offers me his hand, all worried. Well, he should be! I accept it and he helps me back to my feet.

A man offers me his hand, all worried. His hand is soft to the touch and is a little sweaty as if he were exercising. A glance at his new Nike running shoes confirms my suspicion.

“Are you all right, miss?” he asks me and I feel a trace of amusement in his voice.

No, but who cares? I am busy, do not disturb me. Let me continue my inventory: the man is wearing navy-blue drift pants and a white tank top that has got a braided collar, pirate-like or medieval prince style, plus a hood. What an interesting shirt!

Also interesting is the fact that it is indecently inviting me to see it through (should I thank his sweat or the fabric for the vision?), therefore revealing an abdomen that is beyond well-defined. Oh my. This guy is huge. I intended to finish the fashion inspection, but the reliefs and depressions I am facing have already disconcerted me enough, so I decide to move on to some of his safer and other physical characteristics before I completely lose my focus.

He is tall, very tall. He must be, what… six feet high? A bit more maybe. I have never been much of a comparison parameter myself, as for me everyone always seems to be kinsman to a giant. The really tall ones, then…

Strong arms that lack the sleeves of the shirt and which, I have got no doubt, are natural and not a consequence of intense workout. The neck is structured and well-defined; the chin could have been perfectly carved in the marble, and the whole picture makes itself complete by signs of a morning beard. And that’s when I finally turn my gaze to truly face him — the guilty one for running me down this morning —, and I start to fall again.

“Ow, are you all right, miss?” he startles himself but prevents me from falling a second time.

Oh. Ow. Oh my, oh my, oh my.

Oh my!

Brown strands of hair touch his shoulders in a clumsy and tempting way. I am talking about locks that had escaped from the hairband… a low bun, disheveled and very timid, I can see it from here. It is beyond sexy. This, by the way, is a quality that only a few men possess: the ability to be even more handsome and manly with longer hair strands. It is all part of a very well-balanced equation, if you ask me, which mixes the face type, the body behavior, the smile, the look on their faces, and the personal attitude — making its result dreamy. Do not try to take one of the ingredients off the list and do not overdo one’s dosage either; the chemistry, here, is minimally calculated and perfect. Anyway, where were we?

Ayura Masen’s life will never be the same and that is something she believed she wouldn’t say to herself ever again.

Upon (re)encountering Adam Keller, a wealthy New Yorker businessman and the ghost /doppelgänger of the one for whom she fell in love 4,000 years ago in the Valley of the Kings, Egypt, the memories of a life she thought she had left behind suddenly come back to haunt her.

Intrigued, Ayura decides to face the past and the present for a chance to know better this man who is, without having ever been, her beloved Asluc. Fate, however, insists on repeating itself and she faces the possibility of losing the man she loves for the second time and to what appears to be the same circumstances. Determined to rewrite her story and to prevent the tragic events from recurring, she, then, embarks on a trip to Ancient Egypt, even after solemnly vowing never to return to the place that had first condemned her.

A book full of adventure, charm, and passion, which reveals with refined humor the challenges of love and the importance of facing the past in order to choose the present.

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