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Towards Tomorrow – Guilty

Ayura could never have imagined the consequences that such an encounter was capable of unleashing. She finally has got the man she loves in her arms! And the best part is that Adam accepts her for who she is, with all the joy, sorrow, improbabilities, and uncertainties that surround her.

Why, then, for so long afterward, does fate seem to remember her existence and keep on playing with her? Has she not suffered enough? Is she not worthy of a ‘happily ever after’ alongside the love of her life?

The mystery surrounding the accident in the Ancient Egyptian tomb, from which Adam and Dominic barely escaped alive, will not be quickly forgotten not by them nor the public. Quite on the contrary, it will evoke new secrets, intrigues, and intersections of plots between friends, acquaintances, and other players yet to be (re)introduced. And among so many secrets and mysteries, Ayura finds herself to be determined not to be fooled by appearances. She wants clarifications and will get them at any cost.

She never thought it would come the day when she would find herself trapped in a situation like this. Never. And to think of everything she had to do and everyone she had to leave behind…


Adam cannot get Ayura out of his head. One glance was enough, and soon he was fascinated by the beautiful brunette he had spotted entering his favorite restaurant on a random Saturday night. Intrigued by the easiness with which he got caught under her spell, he decides to move Heaven and Earth in exchange for a chance to know her. And it was, he does not deny it, the best decision he had ever made, no matter the turnaround that his life has suffered ever since. He can finally call her “his girl”.

But… for how long? He is human, she is not. And this peculiarity about her will become more and more evident within the course of the couple’s most improbable relationship.

Never has a woman exercised such control over him. Never. And to think that now she is gone.



No, it cannot be.
Oh my!
That shade of blue! […]
I watch Adam remove the ring from the little box and, as if it were possible, I feel myself changing from an ice-cube into a solid granite rock. And so, I stand still as he bends down on one knee and right in front of me. I stand still, my eyes never leaving his.
“Ayura… I know that I’ve already asked you this, and I also know that I’ve already got your answer. I’m the happiest man in the world. And yet, I would like to do things properly, for you deserve it. […] You took me off the ground from the moment I saw you. I haven’t been able to think of anything else nor nobody else ever since. Your company means everything to me. And your smile… your smile captivates me! So I promise that I will always do everything within my power to see you happy. So… would you give me the honor of granting me with another ‘yes’? Would you marry me and be my wife for the rest of my life?”
The world has frozen and yet somehow time keeps passing by. I watch Adam blinking anxiously, a huge smile brightening his expression as he waits for my response. I do what I can for the moment and mirror his gesture, meaning I blink a couple times as if to clear my mind before being able to actually do something and shake my head in a positive sign – I am feeling incapable of answering him in any other way.
“Yes,” I make myself say after a while. And I “make myself” not because I don’t want to, but because this is, in some way, the first time a man has ever proposed to me. “Yes, in all of the languages.”

Ayura and Adam return to the spotlight accompanied by Plia and Dominic, who, this time, are preparing themselves to take on more prominent roles within the plot. It is interesting (and exciting) to see how they have conquered their space throughout the chapters so that they can offer themselves as pillars for the main protagonists – a best friend and a brother – in times of need.

Ayura and Adam’s relationship has defied the odds from the very beginning and, although it stands firm in the battle against ordinary obstacles from the human world, as much as it seems to be unshakeable thanks to a slightly sassier Valentine’s night, it is not ready yet to welcome its much-desired “and lived happily ever after” for being just as ordinary human as a relationship can be. The fact is (and I like it very much) that the author gives us indications that the relationship is, after all, real, to which arguments of one’s bad temper and “someone has got to give way” take the scene just as lies and omissions treat to push it to its limits. Nevertheless, I found it very interesting, not to say poetic, how she carefully prepares the plot and then simply breaks it, without the slightest remorse, just after what seems to be the most passionate and perfectly intimate moment between the main couple.
Adam Keller loses the girl and blames his mortality for it, while Ayura gives up on her own happiness and on the man she loves to, how could it be any different?, protect him. Adam’s chapters, then, take on a drier, melancholic tone, and are shortened as if to mirror his unwillingness to engage in a dialogue with the outside world, while Ayura’s speeches are filled with discovery and passion.
It is in the midst of these changes faced by the first main characters that Plia and Dominic find the perfect opportunity to take on the spotlight and tell us a little bit more about themselves, without, however, overshadowing the original protagonists.
The highlight for me was the passage about the origins, not the relationship’s as the first volume deals with, but of the girls “starting to be”. Some easter-eggs from the first book were, then, immediately uncovered and I admit that I found interesting the insertion of some Greek mythology in the story. Gods certainly offer some nice material to play with – in this case, write about.
Like TT-O, the plot ends with the clear indication that there will be more to it, as it leaves some more and some less obvious questions to be answered. In short, I embarked on another trip with global scales provided by the author, and I not only recommend the book, as I thank her for the insight into local legends, into innovations in the field of sustainable energy and also into the Renaissance’s Michelangelo who, even if we have got the poetic license to thank for in here, makes his debut in the plot in a rather daring way.

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