Carolina Beatriz

“Laughter is timeless. Imagination has no age. And dreams are forever.”

Walt Disney

CAROLINA BEATRIZ is a twenty-something Brazilian girl, born in São Paulo, who loves a good book  of all kinds, colors, and flavors , movies (mainly animations!), theater plays, Arts, ice cream, cotton candy, potato chips and high heels.

She graduated in Graphic Design and has ventured here and there, trying to find her way in life.  Her newest hobby, writing apart, is to create and design shoes.

The older sister of a future doctor, and one of the youngest among the more than ten cousins, she is accustomed to the rush and funniest, not to say unusual, situations that day-to-day life tends to provide. She loves to travel, to know new cultures and to expand her horizons, both in person and from her sofa at home or any other quiet corner that allows her to embark on fantastic journeys.

Her first novel, TOWARDS TOMORROW  ORIGINS, was written in mid-2015 and published independently at Amazon in 2017, thanks to the fervent encouragement of a certain girl, look at the coincidence!, a Carol. The sequel, TOWARDS TOMORROW  GUILTS, is slated to be released next year, 2018, and she does not rule out the possibility that new chapters of these and other, also new, stories may still follow.