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Keep an eye on the site or follow the author’s social media (Instagram is always the gossipiest of the relationship) and don’t miss the release of two brand new novels that will occur still this year! The English versions are scheduled for hitting Amazon just a couple of months later.



“Hic et Nunc – PEN PALS (a story of Towards Tomorrow)” invites the reader to get to know New York City and also the events of the first book of the series from Dominic’s – Adam’s brother – and Plia’s – Ayura’s best friend – perspective. But whoever thinks that this will be another “Grey” – the very same story only told from his perspective and so many years later – is mistaken, for the author offers us a more detailed insight into these two characters that are so charismatic and so important to the plot, as much as she teases us with some classic premises like “knowledge is power” and “every story has got two sides”. Check out the synopsis:

“Nova York,” I say all of a sudden and surprising the both of us. We were discussing where and what to have for lunch…

“What about New York?” Ayura asks me from the balcony, where she is reading VOGUE’s latest edition.


“What do you think of us going there?”

“Do you want to see the Christmas’ decoration?” she asks me without taking her eyes off the magazine. “Or do you just want to buy yourself a new closet?”

“No, Ay. I actually mean ‘to move there’.”

What it…

… the desire hadn’t been onesided?

… the paths had crossed years before and in more than one place, at more than one time?

… Plia and Dominic’s relationship had begun long before Ayura locked eyes with Adam Keller?

… nothing is what it seems?

If you are a fan of the series and have already read “Towards Tomorrow – Origins” and “Towards Tomorrow – Guilty,” don’t miss it! The story holds some important pieces to help you unravel the sequel, “Towards Tomorrow – Plots,” which is slated for release later in 2019.




In “Notre-Dame: a kiss from the Moon”, Elena and Reign are back on the scene and have got to deal with the weight of their secret, as well as with its real meaning. And if this wasn’t enough – the troubled and no longer platonic relationship that they will have to face -, Ivy’s death will elicit more eloquent whispers on the streets of Paris, which will force some other pawns to reposition themselves in the stage and, directly or indirectly, set a deadline for Reign to be freed from the curse his family has been under for generations. Check out the synopsis:


Rumors and stories about Notre-Dame’s Cathedral and its creatures, the famous gargoyles and chimeras, roam the streets of Paris for generations. And in more recent times…

When another body is discovered – this time inside the Cathedral itself and in a relatively short time -, Reign becomes at serious risk of being charged with a new murder he did not commit.

It is then up to Elena to repay the favor – Reign, after all, helped her unmask the real culprit by the death of her brother, Silver – in order not to let Paris and the world wrongly sentence him. Worse would be if his secret were made public… Meanwhile, she is still the only one who can try to find ways to help the heir of the Moon free himself from such a cruel curse.

If you enjoyed the first volume of the series, “Notre-Dame: a Cross in the heart”, then don’t miss its sequel! The third and final volume of the trilogy, “Notre-Dame: a farewell to Paris”, is also coming soon!


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